Our FIRST Energy Storage Install!

“Our goal is a world in which everyone is able to cover his energy needs with decentralized and clean energy source. Everyone can connect with each other to share energy where and when it’s needed. This will emancipate our world from the dependence on fossil fuels and anonymous energy corporations.”–Christoph Ostermann, CEO sonnen GmbH



Yes Floridians, the times are truly changing.
Gone are the days of dirty, expensive energy from incumbent monopolies.  Solar energy–the clean, bankable choice–is here.  And to make the times even more exciting, energy storage is here.

Recently, Bay Area Solar Solutions had the pleasure of installing our first energy storage system.  We are excited in helping others achieve energy independence, and energy storage offers an additional means in achieving such.

Our first energy storage system install was the Sonnen Eco12 by SonnenBatterie(Sonnen).  Sonnen, with headquarters in Germany, has made a strong effort to represent energy storage solutions in the United States, with facilities in Los Angeles and Atlanta.  Sonnen’s energy storage system may also be described as a battery, and come with different specifications (such as kW capacity, output) depending on the user’s energy needs.  Their batteries are comprised of lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePo4) technology which has a high chemical stability, resulting in a a long-lasting, highly efficient energy solution.  Additionally, Sonnen batteries feature a state of the art monitoring system that ensures customers optimum efficiency.
Sonnen has won several acclaimed awards in its brief existence, such as Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers Award (2015), Global Cleantech 100 Company of the Year Europe & Israel (2016), and the global energy leader in Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Energy (2017).  Bay Area Solar Solutions is now a certified Sonnen installer, and we couldn’t be more happier.



SonnenBatterie Specializations- (2)

Energy Storage:  But Why?

Energy storage systems are finally getting the exposure they deserve.  With Elon Musk trailblazing the way with Tesla’s Powerwall battery system and the aforementioned Sonnen install, energy storage is becoming a more viable and productive energy solution.  But why is energy storage so important?  According to the Energy Storage Association (ESA), “Energy storage fundamentally improves the way we generate, deliver, and consume electricity.  Energy storage helps during emergencies like power outages from storms, equipment failures, accidents or even terrorist attacks.  But the game-changing nature of energy storage is its ability to balance power supply and demand instantaneously – within milliseconds – which makes power networks more resilient, efficient, and cleaner than ever before.”


As the storage market continues to grow, the benefits continue to mount.  Not only is energy storage clean and safe, it balances energy loads, bridges power, and maximizes power quality management.  Perhaps more succinctly, energy storage cuts power costs, provides security in power outages, and saves ratepayers money (by getting off-peak prices), ultimately resulting in more energy independence.  Sonnen and Tesla are spearheading the energy storage market, offering greater solutions than with a solar array alone.  Together, solar array and energy storage systems provide amazing benefits locally, nationally, and globally.


Yes!  Bay Area Solar Solutions is excited.  We’ve just helped another customer attain more energy independence.  Just as our solar installations, our battery installation is an overwhelming success.  And the success is yours too!  With each install, we all win.  Whether it be through solar or solar and battery installation, success is inevitable when we truly give the power back to the people!



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