Three Ways Going Solar Helps the Environment

Coal train derailment, Suffolk, VA;  Courtesy Ailen Devlin/Daily Press
Already in 2017 there have been coal slurry spills and coal train derailments resulting in contaminated water and damaged property, respectively.  There have been oil pipeline spills in Texas and Iowa.  And in late 2016, a natural gas leak in Alaska occurred and is STILL PUMPING tons of gas daily into the Cook Inlet.  These are your fossil fuels, my friends.  Millions of dollars in cleanup and repair.  Damaging our environment one day at time, taking our wallets along with them…good ole fossil fuels.
Cleanup for Iowa pipeline spill; Courtesy Chris Zoeller/Mason City Globe Gazette
There is an alternative, my fellow Floridians.  An alternative to constant pollution.  An alternative to continually harming the environment.  An alternative to paying the price for cleanups in the form of rate hikes.  The solution, my fellow Floridians?  Solar power.
Each one of us has the amazing responsibility of positively affecting the environment; choosing solar over fossil fuels is a GIANT STEP in the right direction.  By choosing solar, we help the environment more than we realize.  And the time to realize such an impact…NOW.

Copy of Ways Going SOLAR Helps the EnvironmentLess Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We recently touched on coal, oil, and natural gas spills occurring in 2017 ALONE, but coal, oil, and natural gas harm the environment in another way as well:  carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution.  CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and it’s emissions are most created in electricity generation, even in in our own homes.  Did you know that fossil fuel-generated electricity in homes and businesses accounts for 37% of CO2 emissions?
It is true that CO2 emissions occur during the manufacturing process of solar panels.  However, that number is extremely small when weighed against solar’s fossil fuel counterparts.  An excellent comparison between solar and fossil fuels regarding CO2 emissions can be found here.  And although we are not in Europe, Floridians can expect similar numbers in the following quote:

“PV electricity contributes 96 percent to 98 percent less greenhouse gases than electricity generated from 100 percent coal and 92 percent to 96 percent less greenhouse gases than the European electricity mix.”

–Carol Olson, Energy Research Center,Netherlands

Copy of Ways Going SOLAR Helps the EnvironmentLand and Water Environments

Again, we all know coal, natural gas, and oil spills happen ALL THE TIME, affecting land and water environments to no end.  Billions spent over time due to fossil fuels in an attempt to restore land and water settings.  And it’s not ending anytime soon…unless we unleash a solar spill.  That’s right, Floridians, a solar spill.  Thanks to our good friends at Solar Resource Guide, we can see how solar shines against coal regarding land and water environment effects:
  • Solar uses almost 90% less water
  • Solar uses 80% less land
  • Solar is 95% less toxic than coal
  • Solar causes 92-97% acid rain
  • Solar  causes 97% to 98% less marine eutrophication, the cause of algal blooms
In other words, a solar spill is also a form of preventive maintenance.  We have more room for healthy environments–even moreso–the power to create such.

Copy of Ways Going SOLAR Helps the EnvironmentOf Trees and Health

Trees play an important role in our lives as well as the environment.  As well as sustaining a strong ecosystem, strong trees contribute to our own health in the form of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  More healthy trees can certainly mean a better, healthier us.  According to Solar Power Rocks, a 5kW rooftop system can impact a ton of trees, literally.  Consider:

“In addition to all that cash (and home value), you’ve created some green for the earth as well by not using electricity from fossil-fuels. In fact, the energy you’re not using has the carbon equivalent of planting 110 trees a year, every year your solar power system is humming.”

–Solar Power Rocks

That’s over 2,000 trees you’re planting, Floridians!  And that’s not all–our own health is improved.  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has discovered that solar ” solar power results in fewer cases of chronic bronchitis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and lost workdays related to health issues (Source:  EnergySage).”

Copy of Ways Going SOLAR Helps the EnvironmentThe Power is YOURS!

We could on and on, but we believe you get the point, fellow Floridians.  You know fossil fuels affect (and in many cases, destroy) the environment.  You know that solar lowers greenhouse gas emissions, helps the land and water environments, and even improves our own health when compared to fossil fuels.  And more importantly, you now know the power is yours.  The power to help the environment on a personal scale.  By not relying on dirty energy that contaminates our very being and instead by relying on THE clean, sustainable energy source–the sun.  The power is YOURS, Floridians.  Clean, sustainable Florida solar power, a true solar spill!
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