Three Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer

woman-1455991_1280You’re neighbor just had a solar array installed and now you’re thinking.  Thinking about going solar, too.  Just right across the road, those beautiful solar panels shine right back at you when you open the door in the morning.  One day you decide to chat up your neighbor about his solar panels.  And he tells you of solar’s amazing benefits, such as a lower energy payment.
And so you are almost ready to take the solar plunge.  You forget to ask your neighbor what company installed the system, but you figure it’s no big deal and all solar installers are the same.  Quickly, you find an installer and have gorgeous solar panels on your roof in two months.
It’s been a long, hot summer, and your solar system is humming along.  Then, the first rainstorm hits.  It’s been so warm and dry that you almost forgot your solar panels were installed…then it happens.  Drip.  Drip.  Yep, you hear a dripping sound thumping against the ceiling.  You decide to investigate the attic.  And there it is…a pool of water from where the solar panels were attached.
accred_bus_7469-under-50kYou call the installer but they are so apathetic towards your complaint that you call another installer to provide the necessary maintenance.  And they do; you also discover they were the ones who installed your neighbor’s panels and has an amazing rating from the Better Business Bureau.
Such a case happens all too often in the solar world.  In truth, one time is one time too often.  The good and the bad of it is that not all solar installers are the same.  After many years in the solar industry, Bay Area Solar Solutions, LLC knows that–and is committed in delivering a world-class solar installation.  Being said, to get you started on better solar footing, we’re offering three questions you should ask your solar installer/contractor.

Three Ways We Help You MAXIMIZE Your Solar Energy ProductionIs the Contractor Licensed?

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people just want a quick job completed.  Consequently, contractors matter.  Their experience, their track record, it matters.  In most cases, the contractor’s license number will be on your solar installer’s website; if not, simply ask the contractor their number.  Then, pull it up on Florida’s contractor database.  From there you will be able to check their status, type of license, and complaints (if any).  We are proud to have Michael Devoe as our Certified Electrical Contractor (License # EC 13006980), and look forward to servicing more homes with world-class solar with him.

Three Ways We Help You MAXIMIZE Your Solar Energy ProductionWhat Products are Used?

A credible solar installer will use the best products for you.  A solar system is comprised of two main products–solar panels and inverters/power optimizers.  Solar panels are the “heart” of the system whereas inverters/power optimizers are the “brains” of the system.  Your solar installer should be familiar with the best of each and point you in that direction.  EnergySage has developed a comparison list of inverters/power optimizers here as well as a solar panel site here.  We will listen to your solar panel and inverter/optimizer needs and solve accordingly.  You want all USA products?  We’ll help you.  You want the premium product?  You got.  Ask your solar installer of product and service warranties as well–oftentimes strong warranties mean strong products.  We’ve also written blogs on panels and inverters to help further your solar knowledge.

Three Ways We Help You MAXIMIZE Your Solar Energy ProductionHow Long Will it Take to Install?

From the site survey to the grid interconnection, it is important to have a timeline.  A good solar installer will provide a timeline for you.  The last thing you want as a customer is to have to wait month after month for your solar system to be installed.  You are excited about solar and want things done in a timely manner, and we understand.  Although most installations are completed within two months (from start to finish), some installers have backlogs.  Yes, it may take only two days to execute the actual install.  But, there’s permits, inspections, financing contracts, and interconnection agreements that are also part of the equation.  Bay Area Solar Solutions, LLC understands that for the most part, you simply want to receive the benefit of your solar system ASAP, and we’ll provide a good timeline for you.

So there you go, three questions to ask your solar installer to get you started.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions; a good solar installer will help you on your solar quest.  Don’t be the customer mentioned above who blindly chose a contractor because they wanted solar just like their neighbor–choose a solar installer that puts you first.  A solar installer that lets YOU shine.


woman-1455991_1280Need more information on going green and ready to take the next step? We are here for you at Bay Area Solar Solutions LLC, where your solar needs come first!


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