Three Ways We Help You MAXIMIZE Your Solar Energy Production

14595656_10154287966005910_5317843971456354413_nOK, so you’re thinking about going solar.  You’re tired of utilities and their constant rate hikes; you want to make a change that affects you short term and long term.  You’re tired of oil and ash spills and want to make an impact on the environment.  You want value, and you believe going solar may be of value to you.  We’re with you–we’re tired of utility rate hikes, millions spent on oil and ash spills–and we’re ready to make a difference.  And you deserve the value you’re searching for; in this case, solar energy and customer service.
Bay Area Solar Solutions, LLC desires for you to see huge returns on your solar investment.  We desire for you to attain your solar energy needs; in this case it specifically applies to maximum energy production.  Just as each customer is uniquely important, so is each solar array.  From system design to system maintenance, we value your solar energy needs, and desire to help you MAXIMIZE your solar energy production.  The following are three of the many ways in which we can help you reach the maximum:


One way to maximize solar energy production is selecting the correct site and orientation for your solar array.  Bay Area Solar Solutions, LLC will do exactly that.  When selecting a proper site for your array, we consider applications such as:  shading, structural, mechanical, and electrical concerns.  If you desire a roof mounted system, we will perform a shading analysis, diagram your roof with measurements and obstructions, for example.    We also will select the best array orientation for your solar array.  This includes proper array direction and tilt.  Generally, most arrays utilize a southern orientation, but other orientations are considered (with the exception of north).  See our blog on roofs here.


Selecting the proper inverter/power optimizer will also help you maximize your solar energy production.  Don’t let the fancy industry names intimidate you; essentially inverters/power optimizers are the “brains” of your solar system.  The panels are considered the “heart” of your solar system, and they need proper inverters/power optimizers to deliver the energy they accumulate.  Inverters/power optimizers have several attributes such as power and energy values and voltage and current levels that play a huge role in your system’s production.  We will correctly match your solar panels with inverters/power optimizers to attain such.  Check out our blog on inverters/power optimizers here.

house-insurance-419058_1920MONITORING YOUR SYSTEM

OK, so you have your solar array placed at the correct site and orientation, and you have the best panels and inverters/power optimizers working in perfect harmony.  Your solar system is humming right along and you’re enjoying the amazing value of solar.  Perfect, right?  Perhaps so, but we want you to know exactly what your solar system is providing for you at all times.  Maybe an inverter or panel went out, and we need to catch it.  Yes, we want you to know how much you are saving and how great an investment solar is.  But we also want you to know that your system is constantly producing power.  And we do check that.  We also advise you to monitor your solar system often just to be on the safe side.  Most inverter/power optimizer companies provide monitoring systems (through themselves or another third party), and a quick look can ease peace of mind.  As aforementioned though, we check for you for various reasons as making sure the products we have relationships with are working properly (product accountability) and peace of mind (maintaining trust).


Bay Area Solar Solutions, LLC wants you to maximize your solar energy production.  From measuring your roof to selecting the proper inverters to monitoring your system, you need to see and feel value.  The value of solar.  Today, tomorrow, 20 years down the road–the value of solar starts and ends with you, and the time for maximum solar energy production is now.



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