Financial Partner News: YOU Win!

Copy of Financial Partner News-Bay Area Solar Solutions, LLC has amazing news!

Are you tired of rising energy rates?  We bet you are!  As FPL, Duke, and TECO continue to propose and enact energy rate increases, we here at Bay Area understand your frustration.  We’re tired of rising energy rates and deceptive utilities too.
And that’s exactly why we are happy to announce a partnership with an amazing financial institution.   We are also pleased to inform customers the amazing financial options our partner extends for qualified buyers:

NO Money Down

ZERO payments for first 18 months

10 or 20 year loan plans

Lowest APR available

30% Federal Investment Tax Credit

At Bay Area Solar Solutions, we also value experience, and selecting an experienced teammate is imperative.  Ultimately, we selected a company who shares our solar vision.   Experience and credentials.  Not only in the solar sector, but the financial sector as well.   Two members are involved with Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA); one on its board of directors and another on its Consumer Protection Committee.  Other entities such as Solar Energy Finance Association and National Advisory Council for Grid Alternatives have showcased their involvement as well.


The ITC Rates go down for homeowners.  NOW is the time for the best rates!
Alongside the attractive features present when choosing solar, Florida homeowners and businesses are also eligible for the federal investment tax credit (ITC).  The 30% credit is simply the government’s way of saying, “Here, go solar now!”  The ITC will not last forever, however, as eventually it will be phased out unless congress acts otherwise.  The ITC, when used with our finance company, is generally applied during the initial 18 months, as finance terms may be affected.  We understand all customers are unique and will work hard to help you understand all options available in order for you to go solar.


We desire lower utility bills for all.  We desire a cleaner environment for all.  We desire giving power back to the people.  And our finance team is helping make that possible.  Helping YOU make that possible.  Going solar has never been more affordable, and we are happy to combine forces with a company focused on making solar more bankable.  NOW is the time for Floridians to take advantage of low solar interest rates, bankable finance options, the federal investment tax credit, and ZERO payments for the first 18 months!


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