St. Patrick’s Solar Clover!

Saint Patrick'sLadies and gentlemen, today is green day!  Millions are observing Saint Patrick’s Day and wearing green.  And we at Bay Area Solar Solutions, LLC want you to wear green too.  Along with observing Saint Patrick’s Day, we want you to celebrate going green–with solar!
When it comes to green, many think of money.  And for solar savings, solar provides such spades (or in this case, clovers).  When thinking of green, we must also think of the environment, green energy.  As a form of green energy, solar’s clover is ripe for the picking.
This Saint Patrick’s Day, we’ve plucked a Solar Clover for you.  Three leaves, my fellow countrymen and women, all green for the environment:  a greenhouse gas reduction leaf, a sustainability leaf, and a recycling leaf.

st-patricks-day-2120500_1280Greenhouse Gas Reduction 

Solar energy greatly reduces greenhouse gas emission.  Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are constantly wreaking havoc on our environment.  Whether through a coal ash spill, an oil spill, or through greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuels are a constant destructive force to our environment.  Solar energy drastically reduces greenhouse emissions in the following sectors:  electric, transportation, industrial, commercial, residential, as well as the life-cycle assessment of the panels themselves.  Although through the manufacturing process, solar greenhouse gas emissions may occur, it is a negligible amount (especially when compared to fossil fuels).  Some negative effects of increased levels of greenhouse gas emissions, according to are, “ocean acidification, smog pollution, ozone depletion as well as changes to plant growth and nutrition levels.”  By switching to solar, YOU help keep the environment green with lower greenhouse gas emissions!

ghg-by-sectorGreenhouse gases include water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and some artificial chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

–Department of Energy


According to Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), “the solar industry is working to assess sustainability issues, develop standards practices, and pursue industry solutions to ensure sustainable business practices.”  Organizations such as SEIA are diligently researching and applying methods in which solar technology benefits the environment on all levels, aka “environmnetal stewardship.”  Programs such as Solar Industry Commitment to Environmental & Social Responsibility have been established to promote and continue sustainability.  To put it simply, as long as the sun is producing energy, solar energy will remain sustainable–especially if we make the commitment in promoting such.  With increased efforts on manufacturing, production, employee concerns, the SOLAR CLOVER of sustainability will continue to shine!


Our third leaf on the SOLAR CLOVER is recycling.  PV recycling helps the environment by giving back, and more programs are currently being designed to advance such.  Most solar systems have life expectancies approximately 30 years (although most will last MUCH longer), with panels and inverters having strong warranties.  Most panels come with 25 year warranties, whereas inverters usually provide 10 year warranties.  With many installs having reached the end of their lives but MUCH more to come in the future years, product disposal is a priority.  Currently, the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and states govern solar waste.  A national PV recycling program has been developed by SEIA and should be unveiled in the near future.  In a perfect world, PV systems would last forever and there would be no need to recycle; however as such is not the case, the proactive approach to PV recycling will undoubtedly help the environment.

Once again, solar shines.  This time, however, it shines GREEN with Saint Patrick.  Saint Patrick and his solar clover have saved the day once again, keeping our environment safe now and in the future.  Whether it is through proactive measures such as developing PV recycling programs or greenhouse gas reduction, the solar clover shines with fields of green..and there’s plenty of fields HERE, Floridians!



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