The Week in Solar: February 5-11, 2017

Each week, Bay Area Solar Solutions LLC takes a look at the world of solar and how it affects Floridians. Below is the week of February 5-11,2017; click on the red links for the highlighted article exclusive.

There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US

Vox’s Brad Plumer writes how solar has overtaken coal (as well as natural gas and nuclear) in the job sector.  Plumer cites Solar Foundation’s report on energy jobs as well as featuring job growth graphs.

To put this all in perspective: “Solar employs slightly more workers than natural gas, over twice as many as coal, over three times that of wind energy, and almost five times the number employed in nuclear energy,” the report notes. “Only oil/petroleum has more employment (by 38%) than solar.”

–Solar Foundation report

The Florida Takeaway:  Florida’s job market in solar continues to grow, and installations are occurring everyday.  Solar is great for the Florida economy.  Although the news of solar surpassing workers in coal, natural gas, and nuclear is nothing new, the fact that publications keep presenting this fact to the public only helps to grow Florida solar.

untitled-designVery Good News, Part 1—Smart Policy Sends Solar Jobs Soaring

Nathaneal Greene writes for the NRDC a two-part series regarding state energy policies.  The first part, as linked above, shines on solar and its job creation related to state policies.  Greene spotlights several sites to support his writing, such as  National Solar Jobs Census 2016 Vote Solar, and the  U.S. Department of Energy.  Greene also writes of the many positive affects of solar jobs, including demographics and wages.
The Florida Takeaway:  As aforementioned, job creation in Florida solar is on the rise.  State policies have helped such, and hopefully shall continue even during the Trump administration.  Although Florida still has ground to make up in solar jobs when compared to solar behemoths such as New York and California, the future is encouraging.  With groups such as FL SUN and the League of Women Voters lobbying for solar in Florida’s legislature, it is hopefully only a matter of time before more encouraging policies are enacted.

Trump’s energy plan doesn’t mention solar, an industry that just added 51,000 jobs

“The White House website may not even mention it as part of Trump’s ‘America’s First Energy Plan‘ — but the U.S. solar industry continues to post dramatic job growth numbers,” begins Chris Mooney in his piece featured in The Washington Post.  Mooney focuses on solar’s omission from the energy plan and backs it up with more stats from the Solar Foundation.

“Jobs have nearly tripled since we first started tracking them in 2010 and this is the fourth consecutive year that the solar industry increased its jobs number by 20 percent or more.”(The latest numbers are as of November 2016 and are compared with November 2015.)

–Andrea Luecke, president and executive director, Solar Foundation

The Florida Takeaway:  The Washington Post echoes Vox in regards to solar jobs and the Solar Foundation report, but makes a clear distinction when mentioning it is not included in Trump’s energy plan.  As solar jobs continue to grow across the nation, Trump will have no choice but to eventually include solar in future energy plans.  Trump’s stance on solar has been less than flattering, and it must be noted Florida as a state sided with Trump.  Florida solar will grow, with or without Trump.  However, it would be beneficial if Florida legislators and state policies supported solar more than they do now, and that may be on the horizon.

In rural Georgia, tomorrow’s smart, sustainable, solar highway is being built today

The Ray, as it is called, is a new solar road project gaining shine in Georgia, offers Patrick Sisson for  The Ray, a stretch of interstate on I-85 named after Ray C. Anderson, poses a huge infrastructural undertaking that excites many and offers many potential benefits, cites The Ray proponent and executive director Allie Kelly.  Many revenue models will be tested, Kelly assures.
The Ray proposed solar rendering/The Ray/courtesy
The Florida Takeaway:  Our state to the north may have beat us to the punch as far as solar roadways, and we can learn from such.  As Georgia continues to grow in solar, albeit solar farms or solar roadways, Floridians can take notice.  Perhaps a solar roadway is not far removed from Florida’s energy infrastructure, and studies that prove solar beneficial in non-conventional way may be encouraging.  Imagine the Skyway layered with solar!  Let’s stay tuned, Florida.

Small, Distributed Solar Companies Are Retaking the Industry. Here’s Why

Greentech Media’s Andrew Beebe writes how small solar companies are retaking the industry over giants such as Vivint, Solar City, and SunRun.  Beebe suggests smaller companies may retake the solar industry by simplified finance options that are favorable and bankable.
The Florida Takeaway:  Although large solar companies are indeed present in Florida, Floridians should know that many small solar companies exist, and in many cases offer better energy solutions.  We here at Bay Area Solar Solutions are one of those companies, and our finance partner offers extremely bankable solar.  Combined with great financing and top-notch workmanship and service, Bay Area Solar Solutions strives to offer the best solar for Floridians!



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