The Week in Solar: Dec.25-31, 2016

Each week, Bay Area Solar Solutions LLC  takes a look at the world of solar and how it affects Floridians. Below is the week of December 25-31, 2016; click on the links for the highlighted article exclusive.  Of note:  due to a slower holiday week, some dates may be of the week ending on December 24th.

Kasich Vetoes Renewables Freeze Bill

Chris Martin of Bloomberg reports on Ohio Governor John Kasich rejecting a bill that extends “a freeze on a law that requires utilities in the state to buy more electricity from renewable sources including wind and solar power.”  Kasich stated the bill would “have extended for two years a delay on the state’s requirement that utilities get 12.5 percent of their power from renewables by 2027, slowing development of the clean energy technologies and threatening investment and jobs.”  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Floridians should keep close tabs on other states regarding utilities and energy policies.  Utilities have their own motives, as evidenced by their Amendment 1 deception, right here in Florida.  Floridians are well served in understanding their own utilities and energy policies such as net metering.  I cover how net metering can affect Floridians here.

untitled-designAccurate Solar Energy Forecasting Could Save Ratepayers Millions

IBM and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory recently conducted a study regarding solar energy generation levels.  In the 2015 study, forecasts and predictions regarding weather conditions were made by IBM’s Watson (the artificial intelligence contestant on “Jeopardy!”).  Better predictions of weather patterns would result in a better grid and utility management, effectively cutting ratepayer’s costs.  The SunShot Initiative funded the study, and continues to work with utilities in lowering the cost of solar.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Known as the “Sunshine State,” Florida experiences great sun cover year-round.  However, obstructions such as clouds do intervene from time to time, and it does affect a system’s overall performance.  Grid management regarding solar in Florida may seem foreign, but any forecast that will allow for more bankable solar is a win.

 How Easy is it for Your Company to Go 100 Percent Renewable?

Steven Meredith, a writer for The Renewable Energy Hub UK, notes that major companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Google are taking advantage of renewable energy on a massive scale.  With Google setting the pace in renewables, more companies are encouraged to jump on the solar bandwagon.  Prices continue to drop for solar, and companies can welcome the environmental responsibilities by attaining renewable as well as being transparent with the public.  Organizations such as RE100 help companies with aforementioned transparency.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Florida solar is expected to continue to grow on a corporate scale in the upcoming years.  Companies such as Ikea have taken advantage of solar’s benefits with stores in Tampa and Miami.  Florida companies are also eligible for the ITC, as I relate in this blog post, as going renewable in Florida has never been easier for companies.

untitled-design“Stepping Stones” – A Proactive Approach to Navigate Utility 2.0

Neil Placer’s Reddit piece covers challenges for utilities going forward as well as focus areas in which all can benefit.  Placer notes that utilities across the nation are facing and will face change regarding the distributed energy resource (DER) landscape, and that 3rd party competitors may make significant impacts if changes do not occur.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Florida utilities generally place some emphasis on research and development and will experience challenges such as market movement.  Their relationship with solar should be continued to be monitored.  3rd party competitors may present new solar solutions or they may be rigid and traditional.  Either way, solar at the moment needs utilities in Florida, and perhaps there is a way we can overcome challenges together.

Shifting to a Clean Energy Economy Would Bring Billions in Economic Benefits, Shows New Report

The United States would reap huge rewards for switching to clean energy, reports Karl Hausker of World Resources Institute.  Rewards such as lowering the country’s fossil fuel bill, more jobs, and a cleaner environment would come in abundance.  Hausker addresses ways we can get there as well as what is needed from business and government.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Although Hausker’s numbers regarding the decrease in greenhouse emissions may seem rather insurmountable, Florida can do it’s part by switching to solar.  Fossil fuels will more than likely be around for some time in Florida, but as solar makes more headway, more jobs and a cleaner environment, as well as more savings, are more of a possibility than ever.  The time to save is today!

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