The Week in Solar: Dec. 18-24, 2016

Each week, Bay Area Solar Solutions LLC takes a look at the world of solar and how it affects Floridians.  Below is the week of December 18-24, 2016; click on the links for the highlighted article exclusive.  

untitled-designSolar Investing: 3 Huge Factors

The Motley Fool examines 3 factors to consider when investing in solar.  The solar sector has been growing, and is primed for much more growth, reports writers Travis Hoium, Sean Williams, and Jason Hall.  The writers urge factors such as understanding external policies, cyclical growth, and flexibility must be taken into account when investing in the solar sector.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Although any investment comes with inherent risks, the concept of investing in solar is somewhat new and carries risks as well.  Florida does not currently offer leasing and PPA programs, and that may be a deterrent to potential investors.  However, as Florida solar continues to grow, investment opportunities will become more prevalent and utilized.

The Top 5 Solar Policy Trends of 2016

 of Utility Dive takes a look at the value of solar and its 2016 policies.  Trends and topics such as net metering, grid modernization, and rate design are outlined. Shallenberger cites struggles and forecasts of policies as well.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Policies will continue to affect Florida solar from here on out.  Whether at the Federal, State, or local level, it is important for Floridians to know about solar policies.  Bay Area Solar Solutions strives to inform Floridians of policies that may help them make educated decisions and attain optimum benefits when switching to solar.

Arizona’s Net Metering Dilemma

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) ruled recently to reduce its net metering rates.  Frank Andorka of PV Magazine addresseses the ACC’s decision and its potential impact.  The reduction of rates may result in lean years for Arizona solar, Andorka notes.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Most Floridians currently enjoy net metering policy benefits, even if they are credited to solar purchasers at wholesale rates.  It is important for Floridians to keep a watchful eye on other states and their solar policies, such as Arizona’s recent decision on net metering, because oftentimes many states follow suit.  As evidenced by utilities deceptively backing Amendment 1 in the recent election, utilities certainly don’t have solar as their best interest.  Organizations such as Floridians For Solar Choice are aimed to prevent such tactics and bring solar awareness.

untitled-design3 Challenges Facing the US Solar Market in 2017

Cory Honeyman of Green Tech Media Research highlights issues that present hurdles for solar in 2017.   Commercial, community, and residential solar hurdles are examined in this full report.  Honeyman cites these are  temporary issues for a sector trying to find its way, and that solutions may be found resulting in long-lasting growth.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Florida solar is poised for a great 2017.  Informing Floridians of the benefits of solar in a non-aggressive way is a challenge many installers face.  Hurdles come with any business venture, and Bay Area Solar Solutions will work to not only present issues that may press solar to customers but overcome them as well.

Solar’s Declining Costs: 2 Huge Facts

The price of solar continues to drop.  Vox’s David Roberts cites two huge reasons for solar’s declining costs:  solar is competitive with wind in the developing world and utility-scale solar now has a lower total cost of power than natural gas.  Roberts cites a Bloomberg study and Lazard’s Cost of Energy Analysis, respectively, to support the view of declining solar costs.  <Read More Here>
The Florida Takeaway:  Florida solar will continue to dip in price for the foreseeable future.  As technology improves in manufacturing and installations, solar may more than ever become the energy of choice for Floridians.  Yes, we still may need government and utility’s help to drive prices even lower, yet Roberts mentions in his article, solar is winning.  Especially in Florida.


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